Brevard County Stormwater Inventory Management

Applied Ecology, Inc. was contracted by Brevard County to for the evaluation and development of a geospatial database which incorporated stormwater inventory information and data collection ability. AEI incorporated data from various Brevard County sources, developed customized ESRI ArcPad portable device data entry forms, and provided training and support.

The geodatabase product developed for Brevard County consists of:

  • 10 Feature Classes
  • 10 Range Domains
  • 53 Coded Value Domains
  • 50 Relationship Classes
  • 9 Subtypes
  • 47 Tables

The Schema for the geodatabase is shown below. Click on the image for a large version.


Field personnel are able to export portions of the geodatabase and copy an area of interest to a portable data collection device such as a Trimble Nomad and update and create features and tables while in the field. Upon returning to the office the data is uploaded to the geodatabase on the server.

A Trimble Nomad data collector is shown below:


An example of one of the ArcPad portable device data entry forms for one of the feature classes is shown below:


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