Custom ArcGIS Data Efficiency Tool Development

Applied Ecology, Inc. was contracted by Brevard County to develop a custom tool for their Stormwater Inventory Geodatabase. The purpose of the script is to update one or more records in a related table automatically when the user runs the tool.

The tool resides in a toolbox as shown below:image

The tool provides the user the interface shown below:image

The Brevard County Stormwater Geodatabase has a number of One-to-Many relationships defined between the Feature Classes and Related Tables. Shown in the figure below is the portion of the database schema that is associated with the Control Structures Feature Class.


For the records selected in the Feature Class, the Update Feature Code Field tool will update the FeatureCode  field in the Related Table by following the relate field key defined in the relationship.


In this case, for every OBJECTID of a selected record in the Control Structure Feature Class the Elevation_CS Related Table LinkID field is searched for a matching value and when a match is found the FeatureCode field is updated in the Related Table.


This type of data efficiency tool provides clients with not only a saving in time but also improves data accuracy. Applied Ecology can create customized tools to not only update fields in tables but also to create and modify feature geometry.

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