Martin County Stormwater Utility Database Development Project

Applied Ecology, Inc. was contracted by Stormwater Solutions to provide geospatial and remote sensing project planning in support of the development of a stormwater utility database for Martin County, FL.

Martin County Engineering Department needed a spatially based, easy to update database to generate accurate and reliable information on all county-based parcels. A combination of property appraiser’s data, land use, and remotely sensed data were used to develop a statistically sound stormwater utility.

Specific tasks for this project consisted of geospatial data quality assessment, remote feature extraction of impervious area, design and implementation of an ArcGIS Geodatabase, spatial and statistical analyses, report writing, and on-site support.

The image below shows how impervious areas were distinguished using remote sensing. This allowed us to created a geodatabase containing impervious area for each parcel in the study area. Stormwater runoff fee’s can then be calculated on a proportional basis by area using the database. Remote sensing techniques are a huge cost savings for clients since this can be accomplished using imagery instead of consuming costly field time.


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