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Case Studies

Biosolids Moratorium Sampling

In an attempt to understand the potential environmental impacts of biosolids on the surface water quality of nearby waterbodies, particularly those surrounding the Lake Washington area of the St. Johns River basin, Brevard County established a temporary moratorium on the expanded application of biosolids. AEI was contracted to collect surface water and plant tissue samples from a permitted biosolids application site. Additional as surface water samples were collected within Lake Washington and from major canals draining the urban watershed. The samples were subjected to a variety of testing for nutrients and metals per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), metals, and pharmaceuticals. 

Environmental and Climatic Analysis of Les Cayes, Haiti

The Haitian city of Les Cayes is positioned to be a major player in the Habit’s developing tourism industry. However, the geographic setting of Les Cayes in a low topographic area on the southwest coast of Haiti makes it vulnerable to storm surge, potential tsunami events, and climate change. The goal of this project was to assess the physical processes and climatic factors that must be addressed before sustainable, new development of the Les Cayes waterfront can proceed. In this project, a combination of coastal processes numerical modeling and analysis of potential climate change was completed to prepare a foundation for the future economic development of Les Cayes. 

Lagoon-Wide Health Assessment

Applied Ecology provided the scientific and technical support to produce the first ever Indian River Lagoon (IRL) Ecological Health Update for the Marine Resources Council (MRC). The study compiled and synthesized available data to understand problem areas, data gaps, and conditions over time. The IRL Health Update tasks included collecting and synthesizing water quality; habitat, fisheries, and wildlife.

Septic Moratorium Analysis

In response to the deterioration of the health of the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) along Florida’s east coast, Brevard County residents approved a sales tax referendum in 2016 to fund the Save our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) Project Plan. Solutions to restore the IRL include pollution prevention measures, many implemented through local ordinances. This project includes a community-based prioritization effort using geospatial modeling to estimate groundwater pollution potential, and distance to nearby utilities for residential communities on septic within Brevard County’s IRL watershed.

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Perspective view from the southeast of the bathymetric surface of Borrow Area 1 along with the limestone surface below. Sand resources of up to 1.12 million yds 3 are bounded by the two surfaces (Zarillo, 2009)

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