Groundwater, surface water, and stormwater sampling

Multimedia sampling and analysis

Harmful algal blooms

Emergent contaminant sampling

Sampling plan development

Well installation oversight

NPDES compliance

TMDL and BMAP support


Predicted flooding for Les Cayes under IPCC sea level rise scenario 8.5 in 2100 (+80 cm).

Source tracking using isotopic analysis

OSTDS vulnerability assessments

Seepage studies

Muck, soil, and sediment assessments

Statistical analysis for water resources

Stormwater Quality Masterplans (flooding, water quality, resiliency)


Watershed model development

Water quality and pollution simulations

Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling

2-D and 3-D numerical modeling

Hydraulic and hydrologic studies

Wind and wave energy simulations

Tidal and current simulations

Storm surge and sea level rise simulations

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