Wetland delineation and mitigation assessments

Benthic resource surveys (SAV, EFH, coral)

Wetland mitigation site feasibility

Natural resource damage assessments

Environmental Impact Studies

Botanical surveys

Ecological risk assessments

Biological assessments

Special-status species habitat assessments and focused/protocol-level surveys

Monitoring / Management

Wetland mitigation site monitoring

Wetland planting and restoration

Wetland Assessment Procedure Monitoring

Forest Management

Sea turtle nest monitoring and relocation

Construction compliance monitoring

Small mammal monitoring

T&E Species Management

Special-status species monitoring and relocation (e.g., gopher tortoise, sea turtle nest, Southeastern beach mouse, bats, shorebirds)


Environmental Resource Permitting

Clean Water Act and River and Harbors Act Permits

Preliminary Project Constraints Analysis and Routing

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, and Species Protection Plan Review/Updates

Federal, State, and Local Wetlands/Waters Permitting

Federal Endangered Species Act Section 7 and Section 10 Permitting (Biological Assessments and Habitat Conservation Plans)

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Incidental Take Permits

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Permitting

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