Geospatial and Data Management

  GIS program Development and onsite training

  Cloud-based (AWS) solutions

  ArcGIS Enterprise solutions

  Geodatabase design and implementation

  GIS data conversion, migration, conflation, and visualization

  Process automation and custom tool development

  Database quality management using ESRI Data Reviewer

  GIS mapping and analytics

  Geostatistical analyses

  SDSFIE data management and compliance

  Infrastructure mapping and inspection

  Asset management

Remote Sensing

  Aerial photointerpretation and feature extraction

  Image georeferencing and rectification

  Multi and hyperspectral analysis

  Change detection and habitat mapping

  Invasive species and fire regime management

  Land use/cover mapping

  2D and 3D terrain modeling and canopy analysis

  Digital Elevation Terrain Modeling (DTED)

  LiDAR applications

  Harmful algal bloom early detection

  Rapid response UAV mapping

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