Gary Zarillo, Ph.D., PG

Principal Geologist


Ph.D. Geology, Universit yof Gerogia, 1979

M.S. Geoology, University of Rhode Island, 1975

B.S. Geology, University of Rhode Island, 1970

Professional Expertise

Continental shelf sedimentology and stratigraphy

Tidal inlet hydraulics

Dynamics of barrier island systems

Sediment transport mechanics and hydrodynamics of nearshore and estuarine environments

Statistics and time-series analysis for environmental studies

Remote sensing methods in coastal and terrestrial environments


Professional Geologist ‑ State of Florida (No. 1038)

Licensed Geologist ‑ State of North Carolina (No. 1001)

Professional Affiliations

American Geophysical Union

Society for Sedimentary Geology

Society of American Military Engineers

Selected Publications

Zarillo, G.A and Zarillo, K.A. (2011). Combining Geological and Numerical Models to Evaluate Sand Resources of the Northeast Florida Inner Continental Shelf. Jour. Coastal Res. 59, 192-201.

Lazarus, S. M., Wilson, S. T.,Splitt, , Splitt, and Zarillo, G.A. (2012). Evaluation of a wind-wave system for ensemble tropical cyclone wave forecasting. Part I: Winds. Wea. Forecasting, 28, 297-315.

Connell, K.J. and Zarillo, G.A. (2011). Model Evaluation of Shoaling anf Morphologic Response to Storms at Moriches Inlet, Long Island, New York. Jour. Coastal Res. 59, 76-85.

Zarillo, G. A., Kelley, J., and Larson, V. (2008). A GIS based tool for extracting shoreline positions from aerial imagery (BeachTools) revised. Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory Engineering Technical Note ERDC/CHL CHETN-IV-73.Vicksburg,   MS:  U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.

Connell, K.J., and Zarillo, G.A. (2005). “Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for Shoal and Channel Change Analysis at Tidal Inlets,” Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note ERDC/CHL CHETNIVU.S.  Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS.

FitzGerald, D.M., Zarillo, G.A., and Johnston, S. (2004). Recent Developments in the Geomorphic Investigation of Engineered Tidal Inlets, Contribution to: Progress in Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics of Tidal Inlets: A Global Update. Japanese Journal of Coastal Engineering, 25p.

Fitzgerald, D.M, Zarillo, G.A., and Johnston, S.J. (2004). Recent developments in the geomorphic investigation of engineered tidal inlets. Coastal Engineering Journal, Vol. 45, No. 4 565–600.


Dr. Zarillo has 40+ years of experience in coastal processes, marine geology and physical oceanography.  He has conducted more than 75 sand source projects ranging from reconnaissance to permit level field investigations of shallow marine sand bodies and upland sand and gravel deposits. Dr. Zarillo is experienced in combining the interpretations of acoustic sub-bottom data with core borings to develop three-dimensional (3D) lithologic models to quantify volumes of beach quality material. Dr. Zarillo has extensively published on the application of geologic models for identifying and quantifying sand and gravel resources. He has conducted applied and basic research on continental shelf sediment dynamics, tidal inlet hydraulics, dynamics of barrier island systems, sediment transport mechanics and the hydrodynamics of nearshore and estuarine environments. Dr. Zarillo also has extensive experience in the application of statistics and time-series analysis to environmental studies and the application of remote sensing methods in coastal and terrestrial environments.

Highlighted skills include: Geology of shallow marine, coastal, and estuarine environments; Physical sedimentology; Coastal sediment dynamics; Tidal inlets; Hydrodynamic and morphologic modeling, water quality modeling; Sampling and monitoring of coastal environments;  Geotechnical project management; Coastal resiliency planning