Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical services includes a broad range of capabilities for applied geology and geophysical studies in shallow marine environments,  sedimentological and stratigraphic analyses are conducted by combining geophysical data verified with sample and core data to assemble 3D visualization of geologic structures and lithology.  Geotechnical data are often linked to numerical modeling studies to provide calibration and constraints to simulations of coastal morphology.

Some of the typical project types under this core service line include:


  •  Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies
  • Sand Source Analysis
  • Beach Restoration
  • Geologic sampling and analysis
  • Sub-bottom continuous seismic profiling
  • Side scan sonar mosaics and interpretation
  • Geomorphic analysis and shoreline change
  • GIS services, geodatabase design
  • Geospatial analysis of coastal datasets