Groundwater Pollution: Engaging the Community in Solutions

This study is a groundwater pollution modeling project which addresses the need to provide a priority plan to identify the critical areas where groundwater contamination is most likely impacting the Indian River Lagoon. The installation of 20 new shallow groundwater wells, continuous monitoring of 30 wells across 11 communities, spatial data acquisition and analyses, groundwater modeling, a representative behavioral survey, and reporting were legislatively-funded. An additional 15 shallow groundwater wells in 5 communities were funded by the Brevard County Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan (SOIRLPP). The data from these five additional communities will be included with the data from the larger groundwater study to compare nutrient and bacteria concentrations in communities with septic systems, those with sewage and those with sewage and reclaimed water. The SOIRLPP project additionally evaluates the effectiveness of several groundwater retrofit projects by providing performance measures before and after retrofit completion. AEI’s responsibilities include study design, site prioritization, well siting and installation, spatial data acquisition and assessment, groundwater modeling and respective calibration based on field collected data, statistical analyses, and reporting.

AEI staff preparing equipment and measuring the water table depth.

Monitoring well pad.

Groundwater sample collection using a peristaltic pump.

Filtration of groundwater sample for isotope analysis.
  • Brevard County and FDEP (Subcontracted by the Marine Resources Council)
  • Virginia Barker (Director of NRMO, Brevard County) / Dr. Leesa Souto (Executive Director, Marine Resources Council)
Project Duration:
  • 2017 – Ongoing
Team Members:
  • Dr. Claudia Listopad
  • William Paton
  • Kayleigh Douglass
  • Danielle Huffner
Services Provided:
  • Study design
  • Site prioritization
  • Well installation and siting
  • Groundwater sampling and field data collection
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Hydrological Modeling
  • Reporting