Huntington Lakes II Water Quality Monitoring

As part of the BMAP for the North IRL, the City of Rockledge has been proactively planning and implementing BMPs to reduce overall loads to the Lagoon. The Huntington Lakes II project is a large wet detention facility, partially funded using a 319 grant, that was monitored by Applied Ecology efficiency of nutrient removal. The project included the use of strict SOPs to collect stormwater water quality samples at three inflow sites and one outflow site, data analysis, and reporting.

Sampling location of the Huntington Lakes II Project stormwater outfall.

  • City of Rockledge
  • Alix Bernard (Planning Director)
Project Duration:
  • 2016 – 2017
Team Members:
  • Dr. Claudia Listopad
  • William Paton
  • Kayleigh Douglass
  • Danielle Huffner
Services Provided:
  • Site prioritization
  • Surface water sampling and field data collection
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Reporting