Infrastructure Database Development and GIS System Setup for the City of Rockledge

The City of Rockledge completed the survey effort for the stormwater, sanity sewer, and reuse infrastructure in 2016. The geodatabase design used for this data acquisition was developed by Applied Ecology for Brevard County, who provided the surveyed data to the City using a read-only web map. The City desired to have more control of the data including editing capabilities. This project consisted of two main tasks:

  • ArcGIS System Installation and Setup
  • Web Application Development

Applied Ecology installed ArcGIS for Server version 10.5.1 ArcGIS Desktop software on the City’s Microsoft Server 2012. We then created a multiuser, versioned Enterprise geodatabase in a Microsoft SQL database. The initial web application effort focused on providing the City with an editable, fully functional application for internal use by the City staff. The task included the following steps:

  • Obtained other relevant cartographic layers such as roads, addresses, and boundaries
    Populated the multiuser database with the data obtained from Brevard County
  • Creating a map with appropriate symbology, default layer selections, default layer visibly, etc.
    Published the infrastructure data as a referenced feature service on ArcGIS for Server
  • Setup the City’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) organization account including individual users and their permission levels
  • Created a web application which included multiple widget tools for editing, filtering, querying, and editing

Applied Ecology is currently in the planning stages of future milestone tasks for implementation, including the development of field data collection standards of protocol and applications, integration with other Citywide software for financial management of work orders, and onsite training for field staff and quality assurance personnel.

GIS Deployment Scenario
GIS Deployment Scenario.

City of Rockledge AGOL Content

City of Rockledge ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Content.
  • City of Rockledge
  • Alix Bernard (Planning Manager)
Project Duration:
  • 2017 – 2018
Team Members:
  • Dr. Claudia Listopad
  • William Paton
  • Kayleigh Douglass
  • Danielle Huffner
Services Provided:
  • System setup of Enterprise GDB
  • Installation of ArcGIS for Server
  • AGOL Organization Setup
  • AGOL web application development