Recovery Analysis Database Design, Creation, and Web Application

This project was performed in two phases. Phase 1 involved designing the geodatabase to provide Tampa Bay Water (TBW) with a robust, wetland-centric database to support future work on the recovery analysis. Phase 2 involved populating the geodatabase, which included editing thousands of features and their attributes to support the anticipated future uses of the collaborative ArcGIS Online (AGOL) environment, and the creation of a custom, easy-to-use AGOL web application. The AGOL application was developed to provide staff with little to no GIS knowledge to author and share their work, query data, and find relevant information efficiently to support diverse applications and studies.

Current ongoing efforts include:

  • The development of a Business Management Plan to ensure the development and implementation of an efficient and reliable workflow to allow TBW to maintain and update the Recovery Analysis Web application.
  • Migration of the entire Recovery Analysis application and Enterprise Geodatabase to an AWS cloud server
  • Continuing application support for the RA user group
  • Development of a normal pool offset geoprocessing tool
  • Supplementing additional imagery datasets to further leverage the organization’s valuable GIS data to complete the RA effort

Recovery Assessment Web Application for Tampa Bay Water.

Database schema for the Tampa Bay Water Recovery Assessment geodatabase.

Distribution of wetlands throughout the wellfield monitoring areas overseen by Tampa Bay Water.
  • Tampa Bay Water
  • Warren Hogg
  • Chris Shea
Project Duration:
  • 2014 – Ongoing
Team Members:
  • Dr. Claudia Listopad
  • William Paton
  • Danielle Huffner
  • Andrew Kamerosky
  • Kayleigh Douglass
Services Provided:
  • Data acquisition and review
  • GIS geodatabase schema design, development, population, and maintenance
  • Data validation
  • AGOL web application development and implementation
  • Spatial Tool development
  • Enterprise and Cloud Support