Applied Ecology is proud to announce their award of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) Groundwater Monitoring of Sewer Lateral Retrofits Contract from From Brevard County! During the summer of 2018, Brevard County performed smoking testing to identify potentially broken or damaged sewer pipe laterals throughout the City of Satellite Beach. While it is a requirement of the Brevard County Code (Section 110-69) to repair these lines, the County is offering assistance to homeowners and business owners through the Private Lateral replacement Grant Program funded by the SOIRL Trust Fund. To be eligible for this program, groundwater data must be collected before and after the repairs are completed. Applied Ecology will be assisting the County with all groundwater monitoring services at locations with damaged sewer laterals. The collected data will help not only homeowners and business owners in Satellite Beach, but it will also help Brevard County implement the program at a county-wide level to restore the Indian River Lagoon!